We dedicate significant portion of our resources to support Debian community. Only a fraction of this effort is billable. Please consider to support our work through sponsorship.

We seek funding

to work on Debian packaging of the following projects:

  • Hubzilla - federated social network with innovative idea of "nomadic identity" #950399
  • IPFS - content-addressable global distributed file system #779893
  • Koha - integrated library system #702134
  • Mattermost - self-hosted team communication service #823556
  • MooseFS - fault tolerant, highly available, highly performing, scaling-out, network distributed file system #810822 (pending)
  • OpenMRS - electronic medical record system #598425
  • OpenNebula - cloud computing platform for managing heterogeneous distributed data centre infrastructures #773741
  • Sahana - disaster management system #497414
  • ScyllaDB - distributed database compatible with Apache Cassandra #824509
  • Zint - utilities and library for barcoding #732141 (pending)

for on-going maintenance of the following (and other) Debian packages:

  • CiviCRM - web-based, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Consul - distributed, highly available service discovery and configuration tool
  • GitLab Runner - GitLab continuous integration service
  • Nomad - distributed, highly available, datacenter-aware scheduler
  • Podman - OCI-based container engine
  • Vault - secrets and privileged access management, encryption as a service

We continue to support some important Debian packages such as Zabbix, GFarm, MySQL Workbench, ZoneMinder, GitLab Runner, xtables-addons, Xpra, Gnumeric, Synfig Studio, Midnight Commander, CiviCRM, Docker, Consul, Nomad and others.

Please consider donating: