Acquisition did not do iiNet any good.

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I have discovered an excellent crowdfunding service with all the right ideas: Liberapay.

Another awesome system is very promising but still in trial:

Snowdrift team compiled an impressive comparison of known fundraising services.

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Betrayal of human race

In Abrahamic religions creation of species is an exclusive work of god himself.

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More interesting languages for arena, only briefly tested.

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Example how simple queue (channel) can be processed concurrently in Perl:

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Sweet feeling of a job well done...

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Four weeks ago Faktortel (Australian VoIP service provider) forced me to shut down my tor exit node.

For several years I was donating bandwidth to tor network by operating low-bandwidth tor exit node. During these years I got no complaints whatsoever as my exit node was restricted to access only small range of whitelisted ports while all access to common services such as mail/SSH/VoIP were prohibited.

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Retelling the story I've been told by John Pascoe in 2009 as I remember it:

My friend went to Vietnam War and left me his tape recorder to look after. One day a bell rang. I opened the door - it was him. In excitement I yelled "How's Vietnam?!?" His face changed. There was a pause, then he said "Can I just have my recorder back?". Ever since we never spoke again.

Rest in peace my friend, I miss you...

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I like changing books, ones which make you a different person after you read them. "A mind of its own" written by Cordelia Fine is a book of that special kind. It accurately debunks so many myths and predjudices that we're all share so reading it makes you more sane than you've ever been, but only if you're capable of understanding it without denying truth about yourself.

Highly recommended.

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