Betrayal of human race

In Abrahamic religions creation of species is an exclusive work of god himself.

Malaria - disease caused by one of the most common Human parasites is responsible for countless deaths throughout the history of mankind - over half a million deaths every year.

Most victims are children. 72% of malaria fatalities are children younger than 5 years old. It is one of the leading causes of child mortality. Every tenth child that died in 2016, died because of malaria.

A man responsible for engineering of Malaria would have been a mass murderer, guilty of genocide.

Yet god creating such biological weapon of mass destruction somehow is not under fire despite existence of many Human parasites which purpose may be described as "instrumenting human suffering".

Among other parasites, Guinea worm is just one example of evil instrument of torture designed to cause suffering, as we could say if it were engineered.

Worshipping that kind of god is a betrayal of mankind.

What do you think about morality of institutions perpetrating worshipping of orchestrator of such crimes against humanity?

Therefore it is a moral responsibility of every believer to quit their religion and guide their lives by reason.

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