In the eyes of many believers Creationism is threatened by Evolution which explains how certain biological processes can happen without god's micro-management.

But there is no conflict. One can say that the life has been created to evolve, capable of evolving.

IMHO microscope and telescope are bigger threats to creationism. Those inventions revealed unimaginable depth and complexity of microscopic world and the unthinkable size of the universe. And now creationists got to justify the engineering effort.

Creationism is an old idea emerged during times when little has been known about the world. It is understandable how one can consider creationism when they think that the world is only little more complex than the snow globe.

Now when we know about complexity and the size of the universe it should be hard(er) to believe that creation is all about mankind.

Therefore reality itself as we know it is the greatest threat to creationism, thanks to inventions of instruments allowing us to better understand the world.

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